Design Thinking for Education

prepared mindset plus skills and drive foster thrive

There is a big difference between understanding how designers think and being able to think like a designer. Reinventing ice cream provides the opportunity for children to learn and practice design as a way of thinking. The Design discipline enables them to find a fertile balance between intuition and analytics, between reliability and validity, between art and science, and between exploration and exploitation. This project benefits children by:


  • Developing a prepared mind to start with finding opportunities and discovering possibilities as opposed to starting with constraints

  • Promoting early design experiments and building prototypes to test their design concept

  • Encouraging them to look at their mistakes as learning opportunities

  • Shifting their mindset from focusing on finding one right answer to being comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity

  • Practicing essential and elemental skills like accurate observation and active listening

  • Realizing that the brain works like a 2-step process

  • Cultivating courage, tenacity, and grit.