What is reinventing ice cream?

Project Based Learning plus Design Thinking for Children

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The reinventing ice cream project is a combination of Design Thinking & Project Based Learning. Design Thinking involves finding innovative solutions to real-world problems, but often, the connection between design (as a way of thinking) and real-world applications is lost on young children. By combining Design Thinking with Project-Based Learning, this project directly engages children in a way that is approachable, simple to understand, and fun.

The project also reinforces cross-curricular learning and multidisciplinary studies by connecting Design, Engineering, and Food Science together. Studies show that not only does cross-pollination accelerate deep learning by combining relevant content, but that it might also improve and increase neuron connections in our brain. In this way, the reinventing ice cream project truly inspires young minds, challenges them, and empowers them to thrive.