“I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.”        Richard Feynman

Who is the educator for this online course?

That would be Beeta Masoumi, the designer/creator of the reinventing ice cream project. Beeta and Mooletta (remember that ambitious cow?) will go on an ice creamish adventure that has its funny moments as well as challenges. They need help and they are relying on learners for help. 


Reminder: Please do not share the story with your child if you are planning to register him/her for this course. Why? Read about the reason here.  

What is the elevator pitch for reinventing ice cream online courses? 


Our online courses are challenging, and through these challenges, kids learn slow thinking, how to think in new boxes, and how to connect knowledge. All the challenges and problems in these courses are within three domains of math, science, and design. Some people are wired for thriving in challenges, some are not. Our courses are designed to establish a thriving mindset.

Who should sign up for this course?​

- Children who can comfortably count from 1 to 20 and are familiar with numbers up to 100. It is okay if they don't count in the right order.


- Children who are still open to imaginative stories. Obviously, cows don't build an ice cream shop and they do not think about doing business or running school.

- Children who are reasonably comfortable with reading and writing. This course does not include any reading or writing lessons. Although, not much reading or writing is required for our online courses. 

Can this course be considered as a substitute for school work?

This course is not a substitute for school lessons and school work. Students who are interested in adventure stories with embedded challenges will enjoy this course. We start with simple problems in math, science, and design and then move toward more complex ones as we progress.   

Do children need to make ice cream at home for the online course? What about their prototypes? Do they need to build a 3D model of their prototypes at home?

Neither making ice cream nor building prototypes are required for the reinventing ice cream online course. It is up to you to proceed with those activities or not. We will send you emails with instructions in case you choose to do those activities at home.