“Language was invented to ask questions. Answers may be given by grunts and gestures, but questions must be spoken. Humanness came of age when man asked the first question. Social stagnation results not from a lack of answers but from the absence of the impulse to ask questions."    Eric Hoffer 

A Cow cannot be an Entrepreneur, said who?

First and foremost, this paragraph is meant to be for parents' information only and not to be shared with your child. The course is designed in such a way that learners have to figure out (through working with a 2D array) whom the educator has met (which would be a cow) and we don't want to spoil that for our young audience nor we want to take away the opportunity of learning how to work with 2D arrays. So please do not tell them that this course is a story about a cow. Feel free to share the ice cream part like making new flavors or shapes of ice cream, although we recommend keeping it very brief and we tell you why in a bit. The cow in our story is learning about ice cream and she would like to try some. After trying the ice cream she wants to make new flavors, she wants to take the ice cream to her farm and from there she wants to build an ice cream stand, an ice cream truck, an ice cream shop, and an ice cream school (I know, she is pretty ambitious for a cow). At the end of the course, she finds yellow peas and wants to make yellow pea ice cream. However, she doesn't have enough yellow peas and she has to grow it. But after harvesting, she realizes not all of them are yellow. How to grow yellow peas (instead of green ones)? That would be our last challenge in this course. This part was added to the course recently (Corona-inspired) just to provide the opportunity for our young audience to learn some very basic genetics. That is the whole story in a nutshell. Please keep on reading to understand our reason for not sharing the story with your kids, if you are going to sign them up for this online course. 

Why not share it with your child


To design this online course we have taken advantage of a prominent feature of our young audience, and that is curiosity. We have incorporated events and elements in the story that would trigger their curiosity. And that is what we rely on for keeping them motivated. As a result, they might lose interest if they know what is going to happen down the road or if they know about the characters before even starting the course.

The other scenario we have observed during our in-person workshops, is the rush that children express for getting to a specific part of the project (mostly because they think that part of the project is going to be super fun), hence not paying attention to the current assignment/work, whereas almost every assignment/work is the foundation for future ones. In reinventing ice cream everything is somehow connected (sometimes we go back in time to reveal that connection) and we build upon previous modules. It would be a smooth and fun journey for children if they do not know about the story, its characters, and its events in advance.